The 'Ohana Bros.

So who are these ‘Ohana brothers anyway?


The ‘Ohana Bros. are a pair of globe-trotting surfers who live a life of adventure donning flip flops and always a block of board wax in their surf trunks. Always in the pursuit of endless surf (and always getting into some trouble or “no bailout” situations along the way), their primary vision quest is all in the sake of spreading the spirit of aloha embodying the good ambassadors they are. Along the way, they constantly come across great places, people, and amazing flavors – a constant source of new taste sensations we often incorporate into our snack offerings.



The legendary ‘Ohana Bros. are a personification of an idyllic life. Inspired by the refined, unhurried attitude of living the island lifestyle, those silhouettes of the two surfer dudes are born out of our imaginations. They portray our link to freedom and the aloha spirit. Our guiding light for making decisions is embodied within these two guys; we make awesome snacks, we make it fun, and we do it with aloha!