About Us

Our purpose and values guides our actions and decisions. Clean food without unwanted artificial flavorings, additives, coloring or preservatives support our vision for delivering a delicious and memorable Snack Experience. 


Create a place that connects us to “Aloha.”

Create a place where people may renew their spirit.
Create a place that is authentic, truthful, and real.

Create a company where advancement is based on performance not politics. Be socially responsible by giving back to the community thru philanthropic endeavors that benefit social causes. In addition to financial reward, work should be rewarding emotionally.


Our Store Mission

To be nationally recognized as one of the coolest places to go for a snack – a “must-stop.” We’re different because our food, stores and people are authentic, truthful and real.


Clean food without unwanted additives support our vision of delivering a delicious and memorable snack experience. We take pride in our vibrant stores, our engaging “aloha” attitude and our island vibe. Our employees know they are part of something special; recognizing that the giving and receiving of “aloha” is personally satisfying and rewarding.


Our Values

  • Aloha – We have love and appreciation in our hearts and express it through our kindness, hospitality, and gratitude
  • Be Awesome – Whatever we do, we do it well.
  • ‘Ohana – We are all one family. We care for and look out for one another as such.
  • Integrity – We are real and transparent. We just do the right thing
  • Honest Communication – We are open and direct, but with a kind and open heart. We share perceptions, concerns, and appreciation without hesitation.
  • Humility – We remain open to continued growth and wisdom
  • Order – Organization, cleanliness, and efficient operating systems free our minds so that we can focus on what’s most important, serving our guests.