Pure Aloha

What is Pure Aloha?


To live Pure Aloha is to live with humility and appreciation. It is to have sincere Mahalo for the people and places that enrich your life and the fulfillment that they bring you. Aloha is deep and diverse, but here are five core concepts:

Inner Peace

By living completely in the present moment and fully accepting others, our world, and ourselves holds value in itself and unlocks our highest potential. A heart of gratitude and a balanced lifestyle nurture our inner peace, which is the fundamental catalyst to realizing peace throughout our greater society.

Self-Discovery with Passion

Each of us must seek and discover who we truly are and what our purpose in life is. We all possess unique abilities, passions, and dreams to be realized by following our heart with a thoughtful mind and living authentically during every step of life’s journey.


Trust in the Possibility

Having complete trust in a possibility is the first step towards its possibility. To reach any worthy destination, we must choose to persistently walk the path of courage, hope, and optimism.



Recognizing our interconnectedness brings about our humble nature that honestly accepts our limited knowledge and capabilities as individuals. With humility, we aim to build relationships based in collective learning, collaboration, and action to achieve what is impossible to accomplish alone.


Always Pursue Perfection

Always do our best to progressively fulfill our greatest potential by aiming toward our highest ideals and living out our core values. Yet, in recognition of an imperfect and changing world, openly embrace mistakes as invaluable opportunities for learning and for responsibly taking corrective action.


Take the Pledge

We’ve committed to living Aloha, we’re not perfect, but it’s a journey that we’ve chosen to take together. We wear the Living Aloha wristband as a reminder everyday of what we’re blessed with in our lives; The people, The places, and The experiences that truly enrich us and make our days fulfilling. This is the shared spirit that makes us part of a global Ohana.

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