Our Promise

Our promise is that our snacks will be the best tasting you ever have – period. We deliver this promise by:

Our Snack Line-Up

We specifically chose this line-up of snacks for several reasons; first they represent the most popular snack items in the world by demand, secondly the creativity using various spices, toppings, drizzles and ingredient combinations was unlimited (well almost) and last, we could make them fresh hourly and daily guaranteeing the best taste experience ever and at the end of the day the difference in preparing fresh snacks with fresh ingredients is magical – best ever!


Our Ingredients

From the chips and popcorn made daily to the homemade syrups we pour over our shave ice, you will experience truly the magic of using fresh and natural ingredients without the use of artificial flavorings, colorings, or GMO – nada, nothing. We let nature do the talking here! The water we use is always fresh as we painstakingly purify our water source so there are no chemicals, metals or anything else but pure, fresh water.


Our Artisan Methods

We are artisans in the trade of handcrafting small batches of treats utilizing time tested traditional methods of preparation which produces amazingly high quality, flavorful treat items. Our treats have “soul” because each pair of hands that prepared them prides themselves in their craft as oppose to something for performance, indulgence or mere profit.


Our Stores

Ok, maybe it’s not literally on an island somewhere but once you step foot inside an Ohana Bros. Island Style store, you’ll at least “catch a buzz of vibe.” Our goal with our stores was very simple; Create a place where people may renew their spirit. Create a place that connects us to “aloha.” Create a place that is authentic, truthful, and real.


Our People

From the potato grower to the host who prepares and serves you, without these people and their absolute passion for what they do best, we could not state the claim that these chips, popcorn fries and shave ice are without doubt the absolutely best tasting treats you will have. The “aloha” spirit manifests itself in every bite! Their “Living Aloha” bracelet is more than just jewelry – they have committed to living their lives with aloha, each host is hand selected just as we hand select our ingredients – fostering the potential that is within all of us.